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Our work, really, can be summarized in three words: Make you happy

Who we are

Quantitative advertising

When the average person consumes 11 hours of information every day, your scientifically proven advertisement will stand out. That way you can connect more with your customers and reach new ones.

Quantitative marketing

Transform the data of your business into ideas that give you a fresh perspective. Find out what works. Fix what does not. And discover new opportunities. With us you can translate the market's demand signals into precise forecasting, so you can develop more effective market-driven responses.

Quantitative and data-based design

When designs are created at a faster pace than ever, your scientifically proven design will stand out.

Related services

We are veterans of campaigns, brands, design, science and the tech world. Just tell us what you want. We can provide you custom quantitative & data-based services that fulfill your needs.

What we do: Some examples

Torneig BBVA de Bàsquet

30th, 31st, 32nd & 33rd BBVA Basketball Tournament

The biggest basketball tournament on Europe.
Online communication and event planning: social media, webpage, results management software and event planning.

Universitat de Girona and New York University

Universitat de Girona and Pace University (New York)

One of the best universities in Catalonia
Advanced data analysis and data visualization. Research on quantitative social sciences with some of the World's best experts.



The best pet supplies store on Girona.
Online and offline communication: Marketing strategy including online store (under development), newsletters, leaflets...



One of the best health and physiotherapy centers in Catalonia.
Online and offline media: Social media and offline advertising.

Estudi d'Arquitectura Ricard Turon

Ricard Turon architecture

One of the most innovative architects on Catalonia.
Online communication: Web improvement and social media management.

Gabinet Mèdic Girona

One of the best medical centers on Girona.
Related services and online communication: IT consulting and webpage contents improvement.

Hospital Veterinàri Animàlia

One of the best veterinary hospitals on Girona.
Online communication and related services: Web, IT consulting & offline communication.

Everywhere English

One of the best english schools on Tarragona.
Related services and online communication: IT consulting, webpage contents improvement and social media training.

Optometry Institute Mercè Segarra

Top optometry institute on Catalonia.
Online communication: Web & social media management.